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Casita Shock Absorber Kit
Casita Shock Absorber KitCasita Shock Absorber Kit
Casita Shock Absorber Kit
Item#: Casita-Shock-Absorber-Kit
Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days
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Product Description
Full details of the story of the concept in the Casita Forum discussion starting here
Nice Casita Club article about the development of the kit here
First video of the startling differences this kit makes here
Some actual real before and after waveforms here
Install instructions can be downloaded from here
Install pictures here (thanks again to Don Dayton)
Some unsolicited testimonials can be found scattered around here

This is a simple bolt-on kit. A no-weld, no-drill solution for adding shock absorbers to Casita Travel trailers. Works for hi-lift (10 degree down) or lo-lift (standard: 10 degree up) axles with or without the Orbital 3" lift kit. Works for bolted-on or welded-on axles. Please note that this kit does not change the load carrying capacity of your trailer.

The inboard brackets are made of sturdy powder coated 1/4" steel plate with welded reinforcements to keep everything lined up. The wheel mount plate is made of powder coated reinforced 3/16" steel plate.

2 Monroe 555003 Gas-Magnum RV Shock Absorbers and all required hardware is included.

The kit can be installed with the trailer on its wheels on the ground. Access to the brake-adjust mechanism is maintained. (though you will no longer get away with just using a straight screwdriver on the right wheel - you will need to use a 'brake spoon' - video showing how to do it coming soon)

FedEx Ground Shipping (lower 48): $27.45
USPS International to Canada: $99.50 (email us first)

** IMPORTANT ** When ordering please choose the correct combination of axle bracket and tower bracket. If you need help deciding what you need, there is more information in our FAQs page.. If you are still unsure please contact us before ordering. Thanks!

Latest News 5-15-2017: Wow. If you have noticed that the item you want is out of stock, it's because we are selling things as fast as we can make them! That said. Hitches are back in stock. Lowpros for Honda are in stock. A new full load of shocks will be on hand within a couple of weeks. The waitlist cleaned out our Over tank platforms but more are ordered. NOTE: If you email or call us you may get slow answers from us. We are sorry! We have hired a person to answer messages but they need to be trained on our products first ... so help is on the way!

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