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Dexter Torflex #10 Axle Lift Kit
Dexter Torflex #10 Axle Lift KitDexter Torflex #10 Axle Lift Kit
Dexter Torflex #10 Axle Lift Kit
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Product Description

Many trailer owners have found that the standard 14" tires are becoming more difficult to source as passenger vehicles have tended towards larger tires over the years. Casita owners can increase their tire size to 15" with our proprietary bolt-on axle lift kit.

Installing larger tires can give you a greater payload margin and more ground clearance. Installing the lift kit will give you more ground clearance at the extremities. It may help to avoid blowouts due to overloading and overheating undersized tires. More information about the pros and cons of installing this kit can be found in our FAQs page.

The kit is made from full tube, rather than open C-channel and is therefore very stout. We weld tabs onto the supplied grade 5 fine-thread nuts/bolts so no tools are needed inside the tube to tighten. Included are installation instructions to help you install the kit easily.

NOTE: This product works for Trailers that have a Dexter #10 axle that is attached to the frame by two bolts each side. If trailer is connected to the axle by welding only, then cutting off the axle will be more work than it is worth. Please look for more info on this in our FAQs

Please look at installation instructions to get an idea of the scope work involved and contact us for any questions.

One kit will lift one axle.

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