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Casita Black Water Pipe Guard
Casita Black Water Pipe GuardCasita Black Water Pipe Guard
Casita Black Water Pipe Guard
Item#: 610079216822
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Product Description
The Casita Black Water Pipe Guard is designed to protect the exposed black water drain pipe during transport of the trailer.

WILL NOT FIT PATRIOT models as these have seperate Black/Grey dumps.

Now an all-metal product, powder coated in textured black, our guard is designed to save your exposed plumbing from impacts such as truck tire debris on the highway.

Now, we do not advocate reckless towing when the guard is installed, though it is designed to absorb the major damage from objects before the plumbing components, keeping damage away from the septic system when you are out on the road.

The guard has been designed to be compatible with the popular "fast grey" plumbing modification sold by Little House Customs.

How is it secured? - Take a look at the first photo. You will see 4 holes along the long inner flange - these mount directly into the frame using stainless steel self tapping screws and do most of the work. There are 4 other holes (3 of which you can actually get to) that mount up through the glass into the wood under your black tank. These are only really cosmetic and used to seal the guard against the body.

Installation instructions and stainless steel mounting hardware included.

Note that the product shown in the second photo is the older abs-plastic version. The new product has 'sharper' lines. It weights about 8 pounds

FedEx Ground Shipping (lower 48): $19.95

Latest News 7-26-2017: Hitches are back in stock. Lowpros for everything except Yamaha 2000 are in stock, shocks are in stock. Over tank platforms are coming this week. LowPro for Yamaha 2000 are about 2 weeks away. NOTE: If you phone now you may be greeted by the wonderful Claire. She is very experienced in all things Casita as she has been a full timing traveler for 3+ years. She will take care of you.

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