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Casita Hitch Receiver
Casita Hitch ReceiverCasita Hitch Receiver
Casita Hitch Receiver
Item#: 609456807722
Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Product Description
Custom designed frame mounted hitch receiver for Casita travel trailers. Eliminates the bouncing and flexing from carrying bikes on the factory rear bumper of a Casita.

Our American made all steel hitch is finished in a durable black powder coat. It provides a standard 2 inch receiver for easy use with a variety of mounted bike racks, carrier platforms, spare tire carriers, portable barbeque grills etc. Your spare tire can be left mounted in its original location.

The Casita Hitch Receiver bolts directly to the rear frame of the Casita trailer. No welding is required. The hitch was designed so novice mechanics can install it themselves or you can get a local professional to install it for you.

Included in the kit are simple installation instructions with mounting templates and all necessary zinc-plated grade 8 mounting hardware. If you are curious you can download the instruction from here, and some install photos can be found here.

Basic statistics:
  • The Casita hitch weighs 47lbs.
  • Its mounting legs are 46 inches wide (the same as your trailer’s frame).
  • When mounted, it protrudes 3 inches behind the bumper that holds your sewage hose.
  • It uses eight 3/8” grade eight bolts to mount it to the frame.

It comes with all of the hardware you’ll need, plus a full set of 1/8” thick spacers in case you’ll need them due to occasional variations in the width of the frame beyond the axle mount area on a Casita.

Don't forget about tongue weight. This is critical on the already tongue-light 16 foot models. Please read the information on our Frequently asked Questions page.

The hitch has a reinforced hole tapped on the underside that allows you to screw in a supplied bolt which tightens up against the stinger of whatever you plug into the receiver. This will eliminate the rattles and wobbles that can happen with any receiver attachment.

If you need an even more secure connection, some of our customers recommend the "hitch vise" that you can purchase from here..

We have also found that Casita frames have a manufacturing variance in frame width. Our hitch is 46 inches wide. So we also include 1/8 inch spacers for each mount point to allow a comfortable fit up to just over 46.25 inches. This covers most of the frames that we have seen. But if you need even more spacers, order them below.

FedEx Ground Shipping (lower 48): $39.95

No towing
Due to varying state towing laws, we do not sell this hitch with the intention of towing additional trailers. Doing so will void the 1 year warranty. Customers are responsible for obeying all state towing laws.
Casita Hitch Thick Spacer Set
Product Description
The Casita Hitch Thick Spacer Set allows the Casita Hitch Receiver to be installed on Casita travel trailers with frames wider than 46 1/2 inches

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Latest News 2/20/2019 - Due to limited supply, we are only able to process sales through a waiting list. Current times from wait list to shipment: Receiver hitch, shock kit, jack relocation plate, spare tire carrier—2 weeks. Low Pro Lockdown (Honda 2200, Honda 3000), hush kit—30 days. Over-the-propane-storage shelf, black water guard—90 days. If you would like to purchase one of our products as soon as it is available, please call us at (469) 312- 1222 or send us an email message at info@perfectcasita.com. We understand that this delay is frustrating and want to apologize. We are working hard to fix our inventory problems and improve our customer service—this new approach to ordering is our first step. Each of us at Orbital Machine Works appreciates the support we have received from the Casita community over the past decade. We ask for your understanding as we navigate the bumpy terrain that comes with being a small business. Sincerely, Dan, Claire, Jim

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