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Casita Spare Tire Carrier
Casita Spare Tire CarrierCasita Spare Tire Carrier
Casita Spare Tire Carrier
Item#: Sparetirecarrier
Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Product Description
Second generation version with reinforced welds is now available.

The Casita Spare Tire Carrier is a solution for owners who want to carry their spare tire on the back of the Casita, who either do not have the factory holder installed or want to replace it. The carrier holds the tire with a classic look from the rear, while keeping the load as close to the trailer as possible. A unique feature to this carrier is the additional receiver, allowing owners to carry an additional bicycle rack or cargo carrier behind the spare tire.

Fits tires on factory Casita wheels up to 225/75/R15.

Larger tire applications or non-standard wheels may be available with a custom build for an additional fee. Please contact us directly for a custom build.

The spare tire carrier is designed to work with our Casita Hitch Receiver installed in the stock location (sticking out 3" behind the 'bumper'). It is possible to use with other 2" receivers though a custom carrier order may be required, in which case you should contact us before ordering. It does NOT use the 'bumper' as a mount point.

Important note: If your Casita has the factory mounted spare tire holder, you must cut the factory piece of AllThread tube to allow clearance for the carrier.

This carrier is not designed to tow additional trailers behind your Casita.

If you need to lock your spare tire in place, some folks have used this (not included!) spare tire lock.

FedEx Ground Shipping (lower 48): $19.95

Latest News 7-26-2017: Hitches are back in stock. Lowpros for everything except Yamaha 2000 are in stock, shocks are in stock. Over tank platforms are coming this week. LowPro for Yamaha 2000 are about 2 weeks away. NOTE: If you phone now you may be greeted by the wonderful Claire. She is very experienced in all things Casita as she has been a full timing traveler for 3+ years. She will take care of you.

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