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I have a high quality tire pressure gauge - why do I need this?

Well although checking the tire pressure each day before you roll is very important, that wont help you if you pick up a slow puncture or a wheel bearing begins to overheat. That is why constant tire pressure/temperature monitoring is important.

We are now able to supply you with state of the art tire pressure monitor systems. We are dealers for the TST 507 systems. Yes they were designed for 18 wheel trucks. But guess what? - that means they really work. A bit of a hassle to set them up but once done they are very reliable. We have them in stock now and available to purchase.

The starter kit comes with 2 sensors.

You can add as many extra sensors as you need.
No need to buy the extra sensors in pairs - we sell them individually.
Click below for full details.

TST 507 tire monitor starter kit

Latest News 5-15-2017: Wow. If you have noticed that the item you want is out of stock, it's because we are selling things as fast as we can make them! That said. Hitches are back in stock. Lowpros for Honda are in stock. A new full load of shocks will be on hand within a couple of weeks. The waitlist cleaned out our Over tank platforms but more are ordered. NOTE: If you email or call us you may get slow answers from us. We are sorry! We have hired a person to answer messages but they need to be trained on our products first ... so help is on the way!

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